Solid Surface


Material with perfect properties

Stunningly aesthetic, luxurious, timeless, incredibly solid, absolutely clean, bactericidal, warm, pleasant to the touch and safe. However, the bar was raised much higher.

Natural, solid and safe

Obtaining this perfect material, meeting such high standards, required considerable effort from dozens of specialists involved in the project, who have worked for many years in order to perfect the Solid Surface formula.

Uniform structure


more resistant to hits


easier to repair


longer holds heat


better ecology

Pure perfection

Thousands of trials and errors, hundreds of improvements and tests of various formulas and proportions of components led to development of Pure Perfection. This perfection is appreciated by people worldwide.

Easy to repair

Thanks to its uniform structure, Solid Surface material is easy to repair.

Learn about the advantages of

Solid Surface


Innovative material allows to achieve a perfectly flat surface and to create any high-precision spatial forms.


Solid Surface material, thanks to lower density, allows to reduce the weight of finished products.

Ultra White

Impressive whiteness reaching 99.8%, in combination with high reflection properties highlight the depth and purity of form.


Two-thirds of Brecoro products are made from natural materials, are recyclable and do not contain hazardous chemicals.


The material owes its fracture and micro-scratch resistance to highly durable raw materials.


Building material hampers development of bacteria, viruses and fungi in a natural way. It ensures complete safety.

Types of finish

Brecoro products can have matte or glossy finish. Decide for yourself which option will be better for you.
Glossy finish Glossy
Matte finish Matte

year warranty

We design and manufacture our products in Poland with pride and confidence. We want to support our domestic market by introducing products distinguished by the highest parameters. We provide a 25-year warranty.